Emerging Pop Artist WONDR Is ON FIRE

By JJ Disco

The North Carolina-based artist WONDR has been rapidly growing his presence in the music industry by delivering numerous hit singles that have produced millions of streams.

The track opens with allusive Acoustic Guitar and quickly transforms into a sonic fusion of heavy-hitting beats and cutting-edge production which allows WONDR’s beautifully soulful vocals to take center stage. Lyrically WONDR explores an experience he’s had with a partner that he holds incredibly close to his heart.

“It’s about finding the girl who’s going to ride or die with me through the hard times of being an independent artist. Initially, she seems too good to be true. Her walk, talk, and style all point in the direction of high status and are too good for anyone else ”, explains WONDR.

Having always wanted to live life in the fast lane and being inspired by the likes of sporting legends Michael Schumacher and Dale Earnhardt Sr, WONDR’s dreams changed course when he received a copy of Petey Pablo’s “Diary of a Sinner,” and his first guitar in elementary school.

On Fire is a sign that WONDR is an artist that’s going away any time soon. Having always lived life in the fast lane it’s time that we fasten our seatbelts and get ready for the musical journey that WONDR is currently exploring. The single is now the official soundtrack to the clothing line’s recent campaign which you can check out HERE.