Emerging indie pop sensation Sid Dorey unleashes ‘Drama in Doses’

"This EP is called Drama in Doses, because every song is a new dose of drama. It explores heartbreak, self destructive behavior, family trauma, and religious trauma"
13 May 2024

A deep dive into personal triumphs and trials

Emerging as a beacon of raw emotion and unfiltered narratives in the Indie Pop scene, 23-year-old Sid Dorey is captivating audiences with their debut EP, Drama in Doses. Now signed with Arthouse Entertainment Publishing and based in Nashville, Sid brings a unique blend of musical theater prowess and deep personal introspection to the indie music landscape.

Originally from Florida, Sid has rapidly gained attention, amassing millions of views on social media. They use their platform to celebrate queer identities and address complex themes like religious and family trauma, along with the nuances of love. Their music resonates not just within the queer community but also with anyone grappling with the challenges of personal identity and emotional struggles.

Drama in Doses serves as a narrative arc of Sid’s personal experiences, capturing moments of heartbreak, self-destructive behavior, and the emotional rollercoaster brought on by significant life changes, such as their father coming out and their own top surgery. Each track offers a ‘dose’ of drama, giving listeners a raw, unfiltered glimpse into Sid’s transformative journey through music.

Discussing the EP’s creation, Sid shares: “This EP is called ‘Drama in Doses’, because every song is a new dose of drama. It explores heartbreak, self destructive behavior, family trauma, and religious trauma. This EP came together, because it was a way of me processing all the changes in my life, and I hope that now it can help other people process the drama in their life.

The title track, Drama in Doses, encapsulates the essence of the EP, underscoring the necessity of handling life’s challenges with resilience and grace. Following the success of their viral singles Alien Party, Family Reunion, and Bible Belt, which have secured placements on prestigious Spotify and Apple Music playlists, the EP is poised to be a significant milestone in Sid’s artistic journey.

Sid’s music has received considerable editorial support from platforms like Spotify, Apple, and Tidal, including features on the cover of Spotify’s Next Gen Singer-Songwriters and playlists such as Pop Sauce and Acoustic Pop. These accolades highlight the anticipation and industry support for their debut EP.

This debut EP marks the beginning of what promises to be a vibrant career in the music industry for Sid, as they continue to use their art to influence cultural narratives and advocate for authenticity.

Stay tuned and follow Sid Dorey’s journey through their social media channels to experience the profound impact of Drama in Doses and witness an artist truly coming into their own.