Embrace Iconic 90s Style with These 20 Essentials

The fashion of the 1990s was comfortable and functional, with a few flairs of personality thrown in for good measure. From pop icons to TV personalities, it was no mystery what was on trend at the time because simply everyone seemed to be on board. Unfortunately, the 90s is often regarded as a decade of fashion failures, but if we look at the style trends which are around today, it’s clear that we may be mistaken. Anyone who grew up in the 90s will be familiar with these 20 garments and accessories, but the question is, can you embrace the 90s style again? 

Lily James in ‘Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again’

Tops, Skirts, Trousers & Jackets 

  1. A noticeable 90s trend which is making its way back is the baggy look. Comfort and style can finally be one again! A great example of this is the cargo pants popping up again and again in the high street. 
  2. Denim dungarees (or overalls if you prefer), denim skirts, denim jumpers, and the high-waisted ‘Mom’ jeans are also having a resurgence alongside the jeans jacket with patches. 
  3. In terms of jackets, another garment making a comeback is the always cool bomber jacket. Take a look at the new collection by JACK1T for some great examples. 
  4. The denim dungarees wouldn’t be complete without the cute crop top underneath, and luckily those are coming back onto the street again too. 
  5. If you’re not feeling the crop top look, why not swap it with a graphic tee? 
  6. Or you could always opt for the famous tracksuit which has been given a makeover by modern designers, so we’re no longer faced with shell suits or velour. 
JACK1TTM, the fruit of an initiative by James Holder, the co-founder of Superdry


  1. Real clogs with a wooden sole are a statement but a great 90s look which is becoming more and more popular. 
  2. Remember the platform trainers? A great practical choice for anyone who feels like they want a bit of extra height without the discomfort of high-heels. 
  3. Combat boots – these are usually Dr. Martens when bought for fashion reasons.
  4. The square-toed sandal was a big favorite with Hollywood actresses on the red carpet and seem to be having its moment again. 
Dr. Martens – Effortless backstage style. Do it in the 2976. 


  1. Sleek chokers are a cute and practical way to accessorize as you don’t need to have anything dangling around your neck. 
  2. Big sunglasses have been replaced by tiny sunglasses in general, but your face shape should still influence your choice here. 
  3. Bum bags (or fanny packs) were a 90s phenomenon which are now available in much more attractive styles to suit a modern look. 
  4. Bucket hats are the hottest hat of the moment on the catwalks. 
  5. Mini backpacks are not only practical and good for your posture; they also look adorable. 
Moschino Fanny Pack

Fabrics, Patterns & Colours

  1. Neon colors are big news on this year’s catwalks and look set to permeate even the highest of designers.
  2. Velvet shirts and skirts are popping up all over the place.
  3. Corduroy jackets and even trousers have been popular in the 70s and 90s, and it seems they are on their way back into our hearts. 
  4. Flannel clothes are an odd but increasingly popular choice again.
  5. To finish off in true 90s style, quirky plaid patterns which remind us of the iconic 90s movie, ‘Clueless.’ 
Stacey Dash and Alicia Silverstone star in Clueless