Emanuel Tägil premieres haunting music video for Knock Away

By Vee D

One to watch, Emanuel Tägil’s inspiration stretches from pop to black metal, from video game music to Jamaican dub. His lyrics are dramatic, occult and humorous. He is, in the true sense of the word, an experimental singer-songwriter, with musical influences including Bill Callahan, Kent, Aldous Harding, Teitanblood and PJ Harvey.

”Music is religious to me. I write songs about relationships, memories, hopes and fears. Writing songs gives me a sense of mystique and deeper meaning. I believe everyone who writes or creates, recalls and retells contributes to the great deciphering of the collective unconsciousness. I believe it’s the meaning of human life.”

Having released music independently since 2017, he signed to Messy Weekend Records in 2020, and released his label debut Knock Away on October 21, 2021. The Knock Away LP was recorded in the countryside at Studio Fridhem, Messy Weekend Records studio in rural Dalarna, Sweden.

On writing the LP: “The house is in the middle of the woods, the actual middle of the woods. During this period I worked nights as a mailman and slept during most of the days. I saw the sun about one hour every twenty-four hours for months (these months are very dark in Sweden, the sun is only up a few hours a day). I drove around through the nights on small roads in the woods listening to music. During this period I wrote the album Knock Away.”


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