Elvis Poko​ presents ‘Waterside Boy,’ ​blending ​comedy and Afro-Pop in the UK

"I’m not here to Compete, I just want to entertain​!"
23 March 2024

Hailing from Arogbo, Ondo State, Nigeria, Elvis Poko’s music offering mirrors the rhythmic tapestry of the riverine area where his roots run deep. Fondly known as ‘sweet papi,’ Elvis invites listeners to delve into his essence with the release of his debut album, Waterside Boy, a 13-track afro-pop journey.

Inspired by the nostalgic melodies of his childhood and the serene allure of the riverside, Elvis fashioned Waterside Boy during contemplative walks along the water’s edge. The album, meticulously crafted in the confines of his bedroom, radiates authenticity, embodying Elvis’s unwavering commitment to his origins.

Teaming up with Isound Beatz for production and engineering, Elvis breathed life into his vision, birthing a musical opus that resonates profoundly with audiences. Despite the acclaim garnered by Waterside Boy, Elvis remains grounded, humbly asserting, ​”This sound is an inspiration from the creeks of Arogbo where I was born, Fvck with the Sound!! My best is yet to come​. Created & performed by yours truly Elvis Poko, the gifted one that doesn’t Quit.​..I’m not here to Compete, I just want to entertain​!”

Elvis Poko’s musical palette transcends the boundaries of afro-pop, drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Echo Toikumor, Barrister Smooth, and Fela Kuti. His eclectic soundscapes blend Highlife, Fuji, Afrobeat, and Hip Hop, reflecting his belief in music as a spiritual conduit and universal language.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Elvis has etched his mark in the Nigerian film industry, captivating viewers with his comedic prowess in movies and series. His sold-out comedy extravaganzas across Nigeria attest to his stature as a household name in entertainment circles.

Now in the UK, Elvis captivates with his dynamic artistry, seamlessly blending music and comedy for an unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned as this multifaceted artist navigates his creative afro-pop​ world, shaping the cultural landscape with his ​s​sparkling talent and unwavering authenticity.