Ellysse Mason makes waves with ‘Cry Baby’

"In a way, writing 'Cry Baby' was my CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). It helped me process and heal from the fallout left behind from that relationship"
24 April 2024

Manchester embraces rising singer-songwriter Ellysse Mason and her latest release, Cry Baby, poised to leave a mark on the 2024 soundscape. Drawing from the nostalgia of ’09, Mason’s ability to craft timeless music with her unapologetic stance and crisp vocal tone propels her career forward.

The stunning video was directed by Ellysse Mason and James Vezer, filmed by James Vezer and Axel Wolstenholme, and edited by Ellysse Mason.

Produced by Ed Graves at Rainbow Wood Studios, Cry Baby encapsulates Mason’s reflections on a tumultuous relationship. With poignant lyrics highlighting emotional manipulation and a lack of accountability, Mason invites listeners on an intimate journey of personal strength and growth. The track’s soaring alt-pop production, coupled with a climactic chorus and heart-wrenching verses, resonates as an anthem for those overcoming traumatic relationships.

Engineered & mixed by Ed Graves, mastered by Ruairi O’Flaherty, with additional credits including guitars by James Vezer, bass, keyboards, and programming by Ed Graves, and drums and percussion by Daniel Lewis-Neale. As she prepares for the release of her forthcoming EP, Wish The World Was Ending, on Rainbow Wood Records later this year, Mason sets the stage for her continued musical evolution.

Speaking on the track’s meaning, Mason shares, “In a way, writing ‘Cry Baby’ was my CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). It helped me process and heal from the fallout left behind from that relationship. It also held up a mirror to me, and showed me where I’ve been self-destructive , why I attract those kinds of relationships and friendships, and why I couldn’t work out what was going wrong.”

Hailing from Manchester, Mason effortlessly blends the sounds of the ’90s and noughties in her music. With crunchy guitars and alt-pop production anchoring her sound, Mason’s lyrical excellence shines through. Having written songs for artists like Matt Wills, Rosa, and Phoebe Hall, Mason’s emergence in 2018 has seen her garner millions of streams across her diverse discography.

With support from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Introducing Manchester, and Amazing Radio, alongside playlisting on Spotify’s editorial playlists, Mason has amassed a following of over 650,000 across social platforms. Mason’s captivating live performances, supporting artists like Tom Walker and Sam Ryder, solidify her status as an artist to watch.

As she looks ahead, Mason’s journey reflects resilience and unwavering determination, with her forthcoming music poised to make a profound impact on Manchester’s music scene and beyond.