Ellis Evason releases ‘SINS OF THE FATHER’

"This album is the most difficult thing I’ve tried to make. It is also the most ambitious project yet. It is deeply personal and deeply cathartic"
6 February 2024

An album that is both “profoundly personal and immensely cathartic”

Ellis Evason introduces his captivating second studio album, SINS OF THE FATHER, demonstrating his unique blend of hip-hop, classic soul, jazz elements, and fresh lyricism.

SINS OF THE FATHER kicks off with vibrant and engaging beats, setting an energetic tone that gradually shifts into a more somber, reflective, and emotionally charged second half.  Ellis Evason’s latest project delves into the challenges facing contemporary UK society, including the daunting task of overcoming abuse. The album transitions seamlessly from soulful British hip-hop to avant-garde and industrial sounds, showcasing Ellis’ versatility.

Reflecting on the album, Ellis shares the emotional and creative challenges he faced during its production.”SINS OF THE FATHER” is not just a musical endeavor but a journey of catharsis and ambition. Ellis aims to connect with those who have endured systemic oppression and household abuse, particularly highlighting the issue of overcoming sexual abuse. His aspiration for the album is to spark important conversations and offer solace through shared experiences.

Evason explains: “This album is the most difficult thing I’ve tried to make. It is also the most ambitious project yet. It is deeply personal and deeply cathartic. My true hope is that it will resonate with people who have suffered at the hands of systemic oppression and household abuse. In many ways, this album is a statement about overcoming sexual abuse specifically, so I hope it can prompt some needed conversation.”

Ellis Evason’s commitment to genuine expression and tackling important societal challenges radiates across the entire album, delivering a profound and stimulating auditory experience. SINS OF THE FATHER is now accessible on all platforms, with support from the MOBO Awards (Help Musicians Fund).

Influenced by iconic figures like MF DOOM, Kendrick Lamar, and Earl Sweatshirt, this Swindon-based artist infuses the genre with a highly personal flair. Ellis has made waves with his performance at the BFI Southbank and has been acknowledged as an emerging talent, making the shortlist for the Glastonbury Festival Emerging Talent. His authentic approach to hip-hop is quickly cementing his status as a significant presence in the UK music industry.