ELLiS·D Addresses Thoughts On Identity In New Track PUPPETEERING

Brighton born ELLiS·D releases Puppeteering , presenting a hybrid of soul, punk and indie sounds to lure the listener into a sense of psychedelic intrigue. The mix of both fear and hopeful undertones sets this track in a really unique league, and reflects a relatable sense of anxiety for 21st century children. The story behind Puppeteering raises complex but important questions relating to who we really are and why we feel the need to escape both our own identities and the real world. Creating a powerful melodic and lyrical balance is something ELLiS·D manages perfectly in this new track. 

When describing the sentiment behind the track, ELLiS·D said: “I wanted to set aside my preconceived ideas of what it means to dissociate from yourself and explore why we feel the need to escape from our identity. In trying to figure out who we really are, we often look to those closest to us for answers – and find solace in the reflection of ourselves we see in them.”

With features on BBC Music Introducing The South and a growing audience on his streaming platforms, ELLiS·D has managed to keep fans engaged during an uncertain time in the world. By bringing honest insights into his journey through lockdown and reflecting his feelings of isolation, boredom and anxiety to his new release, this is an artist who really has vast potential for an exciting musical journey this year.