Elliot Minor explosive music collision at The Limelight

Elliot Minor
Alex Davies – lead vocals, guitar, main songwriter
Ed Minton – vocals, guitar, songwriter
Dan Hetherton – drums, backing vocals
Ali Paul – keyboard
Teddy Hetherton – bass

“This band are about as exciting as new bands come, 2007 is gonna be a massive year for these boys from York” — Kerrang TV

Elliot Minor is a five-piece from York whose music is an explosive collision of Rock and Classical. The music is daring and unafraid…Racing pianos, driving guitars, sweeping violins and crashing cymbals harmonize in a symphony of sound, evoking the stories and emotions of frontman, Alex Davies. The songs are arranged around Elliot, the band’s piano, and they are rich with minor and dissonant chords, hence the name, Elliot Minor.

Alex Davies is the creative force behind the band. He is a musician’s musician . . . someone who hears the world as much as he sees it. He just loves sound, whether it’s coming from his beloved Les Paul, a piano, a violin, a piccolo, a Hammond organ or an accordion – cool is cool! Alex was born into the world of classical music, and was expected to become a concert violinist . . . but when he met Ed Minton at Uppingham School in 2000 his eyes were opened wide to the world of rock. Overnight he went from listening to ‘Adagio for Strings’ to Green Day, The Starting Line, Something Corporate, Blink-182 and The Ataris.

In October 2005, Alex Davies and Dan Hetherton found themselves at the Minster School in York, both picking up younger brothers. They arranged to have a jam back in Alex’s garage and shortly after joined the band. The three began recording new songs, improving old songs and sending out demos. Dan didn’t start playing the drums until about three years ago, but you can tell he’s been banging on cardboard boxes his whole life.

Two childhood mates of Alex joined the band soon after to raise hell on the road…Ali Paul, an accomplished pianist and Teddy Hetherton, a skilled bassist and cellist.

All five members of Elliot Minor: Alex, Ed, Dan, Ali and Teddy have rich musical backgrounds. They are classically trained in the violin, piano, clarinet, cello, double bass, saxophone and singing. Alex, Dan and Ali were choristers at York Minster Choir School, while Ed Minton, born in Japan, began his education in England as a chorister and ultimately head chorister at St John’s College, Cambridge.

The band is signed to Repossession Records, an indie label founded by former Mushroom Records Head and MCA Vice President and Head of A&R Gary Ashley, who signed and developed legendary acts including Kylie Minogue, Blink-182, Shaggy, New Found Glory, Something Corporate, Garbage, Aqua and Sublime among others.

In March 2007, Elliot Minor released their first single, Parallel Worlds, a mindspell of classical, rock and pop. The single crashed the UK Top 40, entering into the charts at #31 and staying in the charts for six weeks unlike most new bands. The video enjoyed many weeks in the Top 5 on Kerrang, The Hits, The Box and MTV2.

Emblazoned by the success of Parallel Worlds, Elliot Minor set off to record their second single ‘Jessica.’ After a midnight Jessica Alba movie marathon the band was inspired to write the superstar a song. Why you may ask? Simple, “She’s Hot”. ‘Jessica’ is a postmodern Grimm’s Fairy Tale head banging to raucous guitars. ‘Jessica’ is a rock track… but Alex’s classical roots shine through in the strings, choirs, piano and orchestral accompaniments. In the second to last chorus listen for a string section that dances in and out of the melody and for the guitar solo originally composed for a string quartet. ‘Jessica’ is quintessentially Elliot Minor…enchanting, a bit whimsical and a lot musical. The single is set for release in late July.

Alex Davies and Ed Minton wrote the song, Jim Wirt (Hoobastank, Incubus, Alien Ant Farm, Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin) produced the track, Neal Avron (Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Linkin Park) mixed the track and Alex Davies arranged all the Strings, Choirs and Orchestral accompaniments.

Elliot Minor’s first full-length album will be released in August. The album features tracks such as, ‘The Broken Minor’, ‘The White One is Evil’, ‘Time After Time’ and ‘Running Away’…songs that defy convention while possessing a mainstream appeal. Songs including ‘Last Call to NYC,’ ‘Silently’ and ‘Lucky Star’ are filmic at times and feature Eric Riegler (Braveheart and Titanic) on the Ulian Pipes. The album is driven by imaginative melodies and embellished with orchestral magic, that criss-cross genres and explores sounds that metal heads and mums will all rock out to.

Elliot Minor is currently on tour across England, playing sold out shows in Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, London and Liverpool. In this touring season the band will perform at Download & Middlebrough Festivals and may others through August.

Tickets £9.00
Doors 2pm
**All-ages show – please note that no alcohol will be served at this event**
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