Elandra unleashes debut EP. A synthesis of psychedelia and indie rock

"The path is long still, but this showcases my love for songwriting, arranging and producing. I always try not to settle for the 'good enough'"
28 April 2024

After our feature on the captivating track This City Is Not For Me, Elandra maintains their prominent role in the vibrant Brighton music scene. The Brighton-based art-rockers have unveiled their much-awaited self-titled debut EP, featuring the riveting lead single I Don’t Know.

Led by Italian-born Paolo Siviero, Elandra merges psychedelic elements with indie undertones and infectious melodies. Produced by Siviero himself, the EP draws from influences like Tame Impala, Radiohead, The Strokes, MGMT, and Empire of the Sun, showcasing unforgettable riffs, punchy drums, and ethereal harmonies. 

The EP features a diverse sonic palette, from the tight guitar riffs and restless vocal melodies of I Don’t Know, to the swirling synths of This City Is Not For Me, and the buoyant alt-indie-pop vibe of Thousand Steps. Throughout the five tracks, the band delivers emotive, thoughtful lyricism, demonstrating a mature musical understanding.

Speaking about I Don’t Know, Siviero explains its significance in his life’s journey, reflecting on the dichotomy between pursuing a dream and settling for safety. He describes it as the inner struggle faced while striving for success in the face of societal pressures:

“‘I Don’t Know’ is the song I’m the most excited to release. It basically summarises my life path serving the dichotomy between pursuing a dream (music career as an artist, seen as the freedom of the individual) or settling down for safety (9-5 job, seen as the slavery of a capitalistic and consumerist society). It’s the innerspeaker we all have while we’re in front of a computer, managing to push on between poor sleep habits, poor diets, and poor mental health. Thinking about trying to ‘make it’ to finally achieve freedom.”

Reflecting on the EP as a whole, Siviero shares that it represents his first significant milestone in his pursuit of a professional music career, showcasing his love for songwriting, arranging, and producing:

“This EP represents my first real achievement into trying hard basically to ‘make it’ as a professional music artist. The path is long still, but this showcases my love for songwriting, arranging and producing. I always try not to settle for the “good enough”, I strive for perfection even though sometimes this has blocked me in life from facing feedback and the real world.”

With their debut EP, the band solidifies their position as ones to watch in the industry, promising an exciting journey ahead.