Elaine Mai and MuRli Unite in ‘Echo’: A powerful synthesis of electronic and Rap brilliance

"Falls, stumbles and embarrassments can all be part of the process of the journey that is progress"
13 June 2024
Photo by Daithi

FM Premiere

Elaine Mai, the Choice Music Prize-nominated artist and producer, continues to make waves on the music landscape with her latest track Echo, featuring the acclaimed rapper and producer, MuRli of Rusangano Family and Narolane fame.

The impassioned cry of Echo beats like a drum, uniting us against the same struggles that once seemed so individual. In MuRli’s songs, the lyrics lay it on the line – speaking truth, even in the face of adversity, and urging us to seek out diverse perspectives that can broaden our horizons. MuRli’s touch on ‘Echo’ is a masterstroke, revealing a wealth of artistic range that only a true polymath could muster. 

MuRli’s profound influence from Ireland’s rap scene and his exceptional talent as an artist and composer bring a unique depth to the track​. 

MuRli reveals: “I’m a big fan of learning. There aren’t ready-made solutions for every issue we face, and yet there’s little harm in looking for one nevertheless. Falls, stumbles and embarrassments can all be part of the process of the journey that is progress. I’ve come to realise that it’s healthier for me to voice my concerns to people I trust and respect. Not for them to agree with me, but it helps to have perspective. So I speak up while also listening out for voices that aren’t just echoes of mine.”

Elaine Mai’s electrifying electronic sound, featured prominently in her debut album Home released in October 2021, has garnered widespread acclaim, including recognition from the Choice Music Prize.

Photo by Daithi

Things took off for Mai in 2021 with industry icon Nick Halkes on board. With Halkes’s seasoned expertise, Mai gained an expert who’s ushered in big-name signings, including The Prodigy, bringing a new level of expertise to the table. Elaine Mai and MuRli’s creative partnership sparks a chain reaction, ignited by Echo and fanned by the flames of their previous hit Ready, which found new life through red-hot remixes by industry legends Nick Reach Up and Mark Knight

Echo artwork by Ruth Medjber

With every remix, the duo’s appeal only grew stronger, the charts propelling them upward as critics and fans alike sang their praises. In the live arena, Mai boldly weaves texture and groove, conjuring a mesmerizing aural tapestry reminiscent of the world’s most influential pop trailblazers – forging an unforgettable sonic signature all her own. Ireland’s festival circuit is about to get a serious dose of star power when she hits the stages of Beyond The Pale, Sea Sessions, and All Together Now this summer. 

As the calendar flips to 2024, get ready for a musical revolution as Elaine Mai readies a slew of fresh releases that will challenge the status quo in electronic music and leave an indelible mark on the scene.


Upcoming live dates:

Sat 22 Jun 24 – Beyond The Pale (festival)

Sun 23 Jun 24 – Sea Sessions (festival)