EGOPUSHER INTERVIEW: The Future Of Clubbing Is Having A Chip In Your Head


A few weeks ago, we reviewed Beyond, the latest full-length from Swiss neo-classical / electronica duo Egopusher. For those of you who haven’t read this review, our main takeaway was that these guys are really into sci-fi movies and have something of a natural knack for creating music that has cinema quality to it. Their records, this one included, are like soundtracks to imaginary movies. To learn a bit more about what makes Egopusher tick, we contacted Alessandro Giannelli and Tobias Preisig for a breezy, little chat. 

Where is Beyond

Tobias: Beyond is the unknown, it’s the unexpected, it’s what follows the future. 

Would you like to go there? 

Alessandro: Oh absolutely! We are constantly trying to time travel with our music. It’s our vehicle to explore the unknown. 

Save planet Earth or pack up and go outta space?

Tobias: Pack up and go outta space seems more realistic then saving the planet right now… (laughter)

Your all-time favourite space movie?
Tobias: Interstellar, maybe?

Alessandro: I really liked Moon, which is much more quiet. But Interstellar is a true masterpiece.

What type of sci-fi / fantasy technology would you love to get your hands on? 

Tobias: Beaming of course. 

Your all-time favourite soundtrack?

Alessandro: We both love Francis Lai’s Bilitis very much. What a melody!

The future of clubbing, any ideas? 

Alessandro: Everyone lying in bed with a chip in their head, connected to some computer. Matrix style! And perfectly physically distanced.

In light of what’s going on, should we still be hopeful?

Tobias: Of course! It’s what brings us further. It’s not the moment to put our heads into the ground, although that might be quite comfortable. 

What is the next thing on your to-do list?

Alessandro: We want to go to the mountains, see snow and write an ambient album in 5 days. 


Photo by Simon Habegger