EGOPUSHER Drop New LP BEYOND: Time To Put On Your Space Suits!


Beyond is where this neo-contemporary duo known as Egopusher are heading. Their sophomore full length picks up where Blood Red, their debut, left off, which is a vast, gorgeous sonic vista full abstract forms – and propels it deeper into retro sci-fi territory. The fact that some of these songs would work as an alternate soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odysseyis not hyperbole. Across the board, almost ever single one of them has that same grandiose feel found on Kubrick’s original selection. They also happen to draw from the same inexhaustible well of classical music, the difference being is that these arrangements have been set to tight, throbbing beats and massive sub synths. But I’m sure Stanley would approve! Didn’t he market his movie as the biggest acid trip?!

This record, if anything, is a dreamy affair, where most of the time you feel like you’re either having an out of body experience, or you’re being transported to some new alien world. Not as in a place inhabited by extraterrestrial life forms – it could be that too! – but just a landscape or a space that is somehow alien to your senses, albeit in a good way. My absolute favourite on this long-player is Re-EntryIt’s one of the more down-tempo songs on the record, and it manages to create this amazing sensation of lightness. It’s as if you are really floating through space, your body free from the restraints of gravity. Beyond, the title song, is another stunner!

There’s a certain internal tension and drive embedded in it that I haven’t heard on any of the fella’s previous material. It’s a song that makes you want to rent the fastest car from your local car-rental and test what it got under the hood, while blasting this song. Of course, it has to be late night and the road a serpentine winding around a a beautiful mountain.
Get yourself a good pair of headphones, put on your space suit and take this new Quiet Love Records release out for a good spin. Like seriously! 


Photo by Simon Habegger