EDENS BACK Unveils The Right Video For Fiery Single IT DON’T MEAN JACK

By Frank Bell

Edens Back has made quite the impression with her debut single It Don’t Mean Jack. The track is a zero tolerance, attitude laden powerhouse that stormed this budding artist to the forefront of our attention. Following up the release, Edens Back provides us with an equally hard-hitting visual as we follow her tread the cobbles of Soho with unquestionable purpose and distinctive character.

Speaking on the track, Edens explains; “’It Don’t Mean Jack’ is all about loving the parts of yourself that everybody else hates. I’ve been told (too many fucking times) that I swear too much and that I’m way too loud. This song is a fuck you to all of those people, because at the end of the day, your opinion of me, it don’t mean jack.”

Edens Back may be a new name on the block, but her bold sound, contemporary-edgy artistic integrity and perfect understanding of her vision seamlessly work together to propel her towards musical glory that even veterans of the business would be jealous of. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Edens Back spent most of her life growing up on the Sunshine Coast, spending a short stint of time in China, before arriving and settling in the UK in 2016.