Eddy Chapman unveils engaging project ‘Riot in a Whisper – Pt1’

The music and words of the songs will get you so captivated that it'll be like going on an emotional rollercoaster.
18 January 2023

The timeless sound of I’m Just Sayin serves as the perfect introduction to South African musician and songwriter Eddy Chapman‘s sound, showcasing his talent for crafting a unique blend of alt-rock songwriting.

Taken from 3-track Riot in a Whisper – Pt1, the standout tune I’m Just Sayin, is accompanied by a music video that delivers an infectious playfulness. Eddy Chapman explains: “It was written to remind us to not worry all the time and that no problem in the world is ever too big to not enjoy life”.

With his debut album Lie-a-bility released back in 2020, Riot in a Whisper – Pt1 is set to be his highly anticipated return for 2023. The music and words of the songs will get you so captivated that it’ll be like going on an emotional rollercoaster.

Vanquisher works as the starting point of this sonic journey, and it has that signature ‘rock-band’ feel to it, like Bon Jovi did back in the day, with a strong and dramatic vibe. Chapman’s powerful vocals are complemented by some rocking guitar beats, tons of great sections and riffs, his music has interesting melodies as well as that alt-rock sound he’s known for.

Give Me instead has an exciting backstory. It was actually written as part of a challenge. Eddy was given a pretty odd challenge – making a song with just two notes. But he managed to make it work and composed an amazing song about the Russia-Ukraine conflict, layering different arrangements and adding some clever lyrics.

It took a full year of studio time to create the album Riot in a Whisper – Pt1 at Hidden Track Records in Bloemfontein, South Africa. It goes without saying that we will be eagerly awaiting the sequels coming out later this year.

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