E MURPHY by Willie ToledoSuper star comedian/actor/singer Eddie Murphy shares his excellent new reggae track “Oh Jah Jah”, out now via VPAL Music.

‘Oh Jah Jah’ follows up his impressive 2013 collaboration with Snoop Lion for ‘Red Light’.

Speaking about coming back into music after 20 years, Murphy told Rolling Stone mag: “I stopped putting music out 20 years ago. I’ve never stopped making music. I’ve always had a facility for recording at the house. I’ve stayed in the studio for years and years. Twenty years ago there was a bunch of motherfuckers just putting records out that was actors. I didn’t want to be one of these motherfuckers dropping tracks on some ego shit, trying to be the actor-singer. It always looks weird when you see the actor singing in the video. You’re always gonna be like, “What the fuck is this?” I didn’t want to be part of it. I’m not trying to get no paper, or get more famous off of this. I just do it, and I love doing it.E MURPHY by Willie Toledo1On writing “Oh Jah Jah” he revealed: “I’m not a Rasta. I’m doing a reggae track, reggae artists they say Jah, so I said Jah. I can call God Jah and not be a Rasta. The lyrics lent itself to this whole reggae feel. The first lyric in that song goes, “The devil’s on the move.” Originally it was “Ebola’s on the move,” but I was like “Ebola’s gonna be over, and the song will be dated.” I wrote that track the first week that Ebola jumped off, and Ferguson was going on – it was pulled out of the headlines. To say this stuff, it has to be reggae. You can’t touch on none of this with an R&B track, because people will shut down to it. But do a roots reggae song that feels like Bob Marley type of stuff, you can say it.”


Photos by Willie Toledo