Ed Sheeran Can Buy My House 350 Times Over

Homeowners in the UK are discovering just how rich their music idols are, as they realise how many times these artists could not only buy their house, but their entire street! We’ve taken a look at the net worth of some of the world’s most high-profile artists and worked out how many times over they could buy the average house in your postcode, using our specially-designed ‘Buy My Street’ tool.

The Eye-Watering Wealth of Music’s Megastars

Kanye West loves to reinvent himself – from respected hip-hop producer to pop culture icon via fashion, filmmaking and a brief, ill-fated foray into politics, he’s rarely out of the headlines. But all the controversy seems to work; the man who now calls himself Ye has amassed a £121.6m fortune over the course of his career, enough to purchase the average UK property (valued at £232,797 in the UK House Price Index for August 2018) an incredible 524 times over. Even in Kensington – the most expensive part of the country, where house prices average around £1.5m – Mr. West would be able to buy 80 homes and still have money left for a trip to nearby Harrods!

Former Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher might have come from humble beginnings, and still presents himself as the great British everyman, but his bank balance may beg to differ – enduring hits such as ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t Look Back In Ange’r have contributed to a net worth of around £45m. If Noel fancied buying property in Longsight, the area of Manchester where he was born and raised, the average house price would allow him to buy 22 streets’ worth of houses – perhaps he could even put aside his differences with his brother and buy a house or two for Liam!

The rise of illegal downloading was said to be the death of music, but if the rich list is anything to go by this seems to have been disproven. Still in her 20s, Taylor Swift has amassed a stunning £212.8m fortune thanks to her catchy brand of pop-country, and is quickly gaining ground on stars such as Elton John (£300m) and Beyoncé (£272m) who have been around far longer.

If Swift ever tires of life in Nashville, she certainly wouldn’t struggle to find a place to live in the UK. Along with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, Swift is rumoured to be looking to buy a house in Crouch End, where the average home costs a shade over £600k – well above the national average. At that price, Swift could afford to buy 355 houses in the area – in fact, even the £30m mansions she is interested in wouldn’t break the bank; she could buy seven of them and still have money to spare!

How Many Times Could Your Favourite Popstar Buy Your House?

In order to lend a real-world perspective to the vast net worth of these pop icons, we’ve developed a helpful tool which allows you to quickly and easily work out how the big stars compare to the average man or woman in the street. Simply type in your postcode and click on the musician of your choice to work out how many houses – or how many streets – your favourite artists could own in your area!

As this handy calculator underlines, the biggest pop stars stand to make astonishing amounts of money throughout their careers, with the most recognisable names earning well into the hundreds of millions. But what about the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow?

Young brother and sister duo Faith and Harry have begun to make a mark on the lucrative pre-teen market via their deal with major label Columbia, while up-and-coming rock band One Big Fuse recently released their debut EP to glowing reviews – perhaps one day we’ll see the likes of them appearing on the Forbes rich list!