ed drew3Young singer/songwriter Ed Drewett first came to our attention during the initial stages of BBC talent show ‘Any Dream Will Do’.
He may not have made the final twelve on that show, but he did grab the attention of many and even went on to record the hit single ‘I need You Tonight’ with Professor Green.

Since then the very talented Mr Drewett has been the writer behind hits for many prominent pop acts, including Olly Murs and The Wanted.

With new single ‘Drunk Dial’ set for release this March it seemed to be a perfect time for Fame to catch up the multi-talented Mr Drewett and learn more about his career to date and of course his future plans.EDDREWETTD-e1357754004868Hi Ed. So how exactly did you get into the music industry. Was it a dream of your to be a pop star?

Hello! I got my way into the industry by a lovely friend who used to shop at my parents shop. I was working in the shop one Saturday age 19, She came in and starting saying how my Mum was telling her how I loved writing songs & singing (Mum loves telling the world) and there and then put me in touch with a producer! That was how it all started!

It was always a dream of mine to be a performer of some kind, be it an actor, singer etc. The songwriting kinda just happened!ed drew2Your first hit single saw you working with Professor Green. How did that collaboration come about?

We were on the same Record Label together, my A&R guy said he thought I’d be perfect for the chorus on the 1st single of this new rapper they were releasing. I loved the track & hopped on.

You have also written or co-written songs for pop acts The Wanted and Olly Murs. How does it feel to hear someone else singing the words you wrote?

It’s honestly bloody amazing. I makes me massively proud of myself. People assume I’d be jealous but I think, I’m the dude who writes hit songs, and that’s pretty damn cool haha.

My time to be an Artist will come. Until now, I haven’t had the right team around me to further me as an Artist but I’ll be up there one day. ed drew3What inspires your songwriting. Do you have a process you use to create a new song?

I literally start with the Piano, or Bass or Guitar, get the chords I like most, freestyle a load of melodies over the chords, pick my favourites, put a lyric to the melodies and Voi La, the song is done! Saying that, sometimes it takes hours, other times it takes daaaaays.

New single ‘Drunk Dial’ is on release in March. What can you tell us about it?

Well it’s basically a song about being drunk & calling people you’d be better off not calling! It’s fun, a little bit different with plenty of attitude a hint of UK Garage in there!

Is there an album in the works to follow this single release?

Oh yes. 13 of my favourite songs I’ve written over the past 4 years of my career. There’s songs on there from day 1 to last week!ed drew4What plans do you have for 2013. Are there any tours or live appearances lined up?

‘Drunk Dial’ released in March, live shows later on this year, another Single release & the Album out towards the end of the year! Bussssy!

Are there any bands/acts that you would love to write a song for. If there are, why is that?

I’d love to write WITH Chris Martin. His songs are right up my street.

Finally how active is Ed Drewitt on social media sites. Can your fans actually interact with the real you there?

I’m pretty active! You can tweet me at @EdDrewett, and follow what’s going on on Facebook.com/EdDrewett.

Although sometimes a little random, we have a laugh.