Ebony Primadonna’s first EP ‘Inside Out’ delivers a cutting-edge sound

"No matter who, what, where you are in life , it is your job to make sure that you look yourself in the mirror and love what you see"
27 April 2023

Las Vegas-based Ebony Primadonna has just released her first EP called Inside Out. It consists of five vintage RnB tracks where classic soul vibes and modern production have combined to create a unique and cutting-edge sound.

Inside Out has a really cool sound, superimposed with a variety of melody instruments.

Strong bass vibrations paired with drum beats for a tightly tuned sound, deep chords can be heard on every song, then rounded off with soft piano/keyboard melodies creating a pleasant sound.

Ebony Primadonna‘s voice really complements the guitar playing on a whole new level; it sounds amazing and really stylish.

She said: What I want my audience to understand, and feel is that no matter who, what, where you are in life , it is your job to make sure that you look yourself in the mirror and love what you see.”

Ebony was truly nervous about writing songs about her most difficult and personal moments of life. She had no reason to worry because Inside Out is a remarkable EP.

She was surprised at how the writing process for her new release went. – From the outset, the words just seemed to run through the paper. Within a two month period, the EP was finished.

The first track of the EP, Trusting, is a good example, with stimulating chords and an incredibly funky drum pattern. Ebony’s voice adds a melodic touch to the mix too.

I Do Me Right combines classic electric guitar sounds with a modern Trap, RnB beat. This is a fresh version of the classic Soul genre. This EP highlights the talent of Ebony in the creation of a music at the same time passionate and romantic.

Until Freedom is a very powerful song from the EP and it features the incredible Brian Burns. He uses his lyrical genius to educate us on some pretty important facts in Black history.

Lance Newton recorded the EP at his home studio, The Hideout Studio, with Nik Hotchkiss handling the engineering.

Since the age of 6, Ebony is completely caught up in music. She often performed at church and fell in love with gospel music.

As a child, she refined her talent and discovered that she was able to write songs at the age of 8. She would make up her own songs while listening to the radio. By the time she was 16, her abilities as a songwriter had reached such a level that BMI Publishing had hired her.

Ebony Primadonna has been inspired by Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Clark Sisters and Tina Turner.

The EP Inside Out of the future star Ebony Primadonna is a ‘soulful, unapologetic, adventurous yet educational’ affair.