ebony1London’s art-punk soul princess Ebony Bones’ new EP ‘I see I say’, comes out December 9th.

Ebony plays Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 11th November with pre-show charity exhibition. All proceeds from the EP sales & album’s artwork by top fashion photographer Tim Bret Day (David Bowie / Grace Jones) will be donated to charity for awareness of child trafficking.ebony4“Its about having the courage to step outside the circumference of what you’ve been expected to be in life. Becoming your own hero..” says Ebony.

Off the EP, check out this incredible cover of The Smiths ‘What Difference Does It Make?’featuring the New London Children’s Choir

Listen: ‘I see I say’ taken from her second album ‘Beyond, The Place Horse'(out now).

Across the nation
But no education..

Mass manipulation
I see I say..