Eat The Evidence unleash videos for ‘Tories Go To Waitrose’ + ‘Fruit Of The Loot’

Ahead of the General Election…And of their upcoming album, ‘Sex, Drugs, & Wishy-Washy Politics’, interestingly produced by Sam Duckworth, aka Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly…Charming nonconformist ska punks Eat The Evidence, unleash two aptly essential and yet witty tracks: ‘Tories Go To Waitrose’ + ‘Fruit of the Loot’.

Punk-rock tune ‘Tories Go To Waitrose’, “accidentally implies that the Conservative Party might shop ethically – the band explain – Although we do hate the Tories, the song doesn’t make much sense…It may not be enough to swing the vote in key marginals then, but it’ll certainly make you feel better come polling day. Altogether now: “Tories go to Wait-er-ose…”

About the supercharged-ska number ‘Fruit Of The Loot’, the clever punks state… “This song is about how other countries can’t be trusted at looking after their own belongings. What better way to express this than using a slide whistle and swear words.”