East London Songwriter JARED ALTO Stuns On OPEN

It’s a Uniquely Tender Debut from the Talented Songwriter

By Vasco Dega

Sounding truly vulnerable, honest and gorgeous in his vocal delivery – The new single Open from Jared Alto marks a songwriter truly finding his sound. 

A unique yet relatable story of how Jared kickstarted his music career – He approached a vocal coach on gumtree while drunk, in an attempt to overcome Jared’s constant overthinking. From that point forward, it’s been a path to creating some of the most beautiful music you’re likely to hear in 2021, starting with the emotively charged Open.

Speaking on the new single, Jared says: “The song is about appreciating the little moments in life, the ones we tend to take for granted with someone,” explains Alto. “It shows glimpses of things that would never make it on a social media feed. When I wrote the lyrics, I couldn’t shift the thought that we only stop to remember little details once it’s too late. And when it is too late, we’re haunted by the doubts and regrets.”