Eamonn Holmes A Disaster In The Kitchen Says Partner Ruth

EAMONN Holmes may be the perfect anchorman and most professional presenter we know but fiancée Ruth Langsford says when he gets home and he’s hungry she prepares for a disaster zone.

Ruth recently appeared on Marco’s Kitchen Burnout and said when Eamonn tries to make a snack, the results usually look like someone has attempted a burglary on their house: “The kitchen is absolutely my territory, and I am very lucky, because Eamonn can’t cook, has no desire to cook, and never comes in and gets on my nerves.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford

“When Eamonn makes a sandwich it’s like we’ve been burgled by the fridge police because there’s ham left out going dry, the mustard jar with the top off, and buttery knives.

“So I slam about tidying up saying, ‘I can’t believe the mess you made with one sandwich’, and he says, ‘oh I was going to clear up in a minute’. He’s like most men really.”

The This Morning presenter also added that our lovely Eamonn thinks his future wife is a “this fantastic cook”.

Eamonn gets a big one from Ruth

She also revealed: “I only have to make him an omelette and he thinks I am a domestic goddess.”

Meanwhile Eamonn is currently being tipped at 25-1 as Adrian Chiles’ new replacement for The One Show and categorically announced there was absolutely no chance of him going to GMTV when he said on his Twitter recently: “Day already spoilt by inaccurate newspaper stories re me and GMTV.

I believe I already host the best breakfast show on telly”.
By Tina Calder
Photos by Fabrizio Belluschi