Flowing with dreamy electronic melodies alongside the subtle power of Cleaver’s vocals, ‘Half Awake is sparse, sweeping sonic delight. Inspired by the idea of dealing with our insecurities, it’s a tender electro ballad. The track is out now via Veta Records.

With shades of the more dance-driven Foals sound, or the minimalist electro of James Blake, this track offers an enchanting fusion of sounds oozing a powerful raw passion.

Hi DYVE! How are you today?

Good thanks! Feeling all nourished from a few days in the Peak District

Tell us a bit about your new project…

I spent a lot of last year travelling and writing. I was living in Budapest and working from an apartment there. DYVE came out the the songs that began there.

Describe your sound in five words:

Ambient, Dynamic, Minimal, Spacial, Rhythmic

What makes you different from other electronica artists?

I’m not sure I’m 100% qualified to give an answer to this but I’d say that the intention behind it makes it special. The music isn’t just out for your just out for you body, but for your soul as well.

What’s your debut single ‘Half Awake’ all about?

‘Half Awake’ deals with the insecurity rooted in our flaws. How we feel when someone we care about unearths those flaws and catches a glimpse into the larger framing of our personality.

Any gigs coming up?

There will be plenty of news on this early in February. I really can’t wait to get this on the road!

What are your plans for 2017?

I’ll be working up to bigger records and touring this material as much as possible. Maybe a holiday too…somewhere sunny would be nice.