Dynamic duo Ho99o9 unleashes new single ‘A Machine Of’

"My momma always said we would have to wear many hats in life & not half ass it. I use to take that shit for granted"
27 February 2024
Photo by @finn_constantine

Ahead of 2024 live shows and third album release

The dynamic duo Ho99o9 starts the year with a bang, releasing their latest track A Machine Of as they gear up for a series of live dates and the much-anticipated third LP.

Described as a “pummelling expression of existence,” the new single carries the heavy, introspective words of members theOGM and Yeti Bones, who reflect on the multifaceted challenges of life and ambition: “My momma always said we would have to wear many hats in life & not half ass it. I use to take that shit for granted. Some of us chasing the bag, some of us chasing the fame, some niggas just wanna be seen, just remember the machines are here.”

The track’s release is accompanied by a gripping video that offers a peek into the band’s electrifying tour life, blending raw live performances with personal behind-the-scenes moments. This visual journey underscores the duo’s reputation for intense, visceral shows that leave a lasting impression.

Photo by @finn_constantine

Following their impactful tours across Europe with Carpenter Brut & Perturbator, Ho99o9 is set to continue their live onslaught in 2024. The band has announced a headline show at the Teregram Ballroom in Los Angeles on March 2nd, promising to bring their unique energy back to their adopted hometown. Additionally, they’re slated for multiple appearances at this year’s SXSW, a festival where they’ve historically made waves, alongside scheduled performances at international festivals like Jera On Air in the Netherlands and Rockstadt Extreme in Romania, with more dates expected to be announced.

Recently, Ho99o9 released their mixtape ‘Ho99o9 Presents Territory: Turf Talk, Vol II’, a continuation of their eclectic musical journey after their second album ‘SKIN’. The mixtape, featuring collaborations with artists like JPEGMAFIA and HEALTH, underscores their role as innovators blending punk, hardcore, and hip-hop.

Photo by @finn_constantine

Renowned for their dynamic live shows, Ho99o9 has made significant impacts at festivals worldwide, including Glastonbury and Hellfest, and shared stages with bands like Slipknot and Korn, showcasing their wide-ranging appeal. As they gear up to release their third album, the music community eagerly anticipates more groundbreaking sounds from the duo.