DYLN drops second track ‘Hold’

Following the release of her sparkling debut tune ‘Better Things’, Brooklyn based songstress/producer DYLN (pronounced “Dylan”), drops ‘Hold’, another slice of her sultry merge of soulful pop, R&B and electronic vibes.

DYLN reveals: “I wrote this song during a painful period of my life. A time where I was in constant anguish, needing to piece myself together. “Hold” is about needing to walk away from torment when the heart gets weary of fighting it’s battles.The things we love the most are also the things that hurt us the most…”Find what you love and let it kill you” is a quote I always found to be mysteriously poetic. In a sense, I let this concept inspire me for this song.

There’s beauty in destruction and honor in loving what tears us apart. “Hold” is my expression of this.”

YCYMI this is ‘Better Things’.