Ducky Neptune unveils psychedelic surf soul number called ‘Charlie’

An amazing blend of psych-surf and soul that forms this unique, dreamy indie sound
4 February 2023

Ducky Neptune is based in Nashville, TN – a city known for its thriving musical culture. It has nurtured some of the most creative and talented performers, Ducky Neptune feels privileged to be a part of this amazing community – and rightly so.

Ducky Neptune has an amazing blend of psych-surf and soul that forms this unique, catchy dreamy indie sound. They just finished their first album Insensitive Plastic, beginning with the single Charlie to give us a little insight into their new sound, aka psychedelic surf soul.

Josh Blanco (singer) and Shane Ray (guitarist) began their musical journey together in 2020 when Shane visited Canada for 6 months. They eventually formed Ducky Neptune as a duo and now it’s a full-fledged band. Ari Fine and John Aldridge complete the band by playing keys and saxophone and drums, respectively. This added a melancholic indie feel to their music.

Charlie is an easy-going, chill mixture of indie-soul mixed with jazz and psychedelic vibes – courtesy of Braden Williams‘ harmonious trumpet playing. Blanco’s voice fits perfectly with the mood of the track – giving it really cool energy. His delivery just seems to flow effortlessly, and his tone really compliments it all.

The dry snare and drums really bring Charlie to life and elevate it to a whole new level. The song’s lyrics have a catchy hook that’s hard to forget, “Dance Dance Dance, Forget Your Name”. It’s super clever and will stay in your head for a long time.

The band produced their own song and album, giving them the opportunity to experiment while keeping full control over their sound.

Robert Carranza, a 4-time Grammy winner, added the final touches to this shining blend of modern soulful music. Ducky Neptune is an exciting new find for 2023 – if you’re a fan of Khruangbin and Nature TV, you’ll love their progressions and melodies.

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Photo by Dana Kalachnik