Dublin Duo ELGIN Share Beautifully Atmospheric Tune OH LOVE

By Vasco Dega

Dublin indie-folk duo Elgin have shared their beautifully atmospheric new track Oh Love, the opening number from their forthcoming album Weightless / Still out May 28th. Bursting with a wide range of instrumentation with lush guitars, synths, keys, brass, and more, the record is a vast and expansive voyage that reflects the journeys that members Anthony Furey and Paul Butler have been on together as they traveled the world as the acclaimed collective The Young Folk. 

Oh Love touches on a loss close to Paul’s heart, centred on the numbness embedded within grief as he suddenly lost his uncle, filmmaker Brendan Bourke, and the feeling of lacking the comfort that religion affords other members of his family. Discussing the song, Paul shared, “I was quite envious that they could say ‘he’s in a better place, he’s not in pain’. It’s a great concept, but I don’t believe it at all. And I was angry at this. Like, what am I supposed to do?”

The rest of the upcoming album explores and captures a vast amount of feelings and states of mind, all aspiring ultimately perhaps to a feeling we often dream about, the feeling of being weightless and still. “As in out-of-body,” said Paul. “The feeling that we never have.”