Dubai-based wizard Charles Stif shines with ‘You Never Find Me’

The celestial vocals take center stage, accompanied by a soundscape of overlapping intricacies, showcasing Stif's production dexterity
13 December 2023

Hailing from Dunkerque, France, the musical virtuoso Charles Stif presents his latest single, You Never Find Me, released through Excusez Records. This track seamlessly blends artful elements of pop, R&B, and soul, offering a captivating musical fusion.

Charles Stif is a shining example of creative versatility in a musical landscape saturated with conformity.  The celestial vocals take center stage, accompanied by a soundscape of overlapping intricacies, showcasing Stif’s production dexterity.

The track delicately interweaves a downtempo beat, groovy bassline, uplifting piano progression, and invigorating trumpets. The result? An ethereal composition exuding an infectious, euphoric vibe that promises to captivate listeners from the first note.

Originally from Dunkerque, France, Charles Stif is now a prominent figure in the vibrant musical scene of Dubai. His musical roots trace back to the influence of Fred Rister, known for his collaboration with David Guetta, whose impact shaped Stif’s creative landscape. As a DJ, producer, and composer, Stif is a triple threat, driven by the aspiration to share his soul through music.

Stif’s journey began with a turntable gifted by his parents at the age of 10, and from those early days, he has achieved numerous milestones. Orchestrating monumental shows at Dunkirk’s Kursaal and captivating thousands with pulsating performances, Stif’s trajectory has been marked by dedication and passion.

In 2018, armed with academic accolades in International Communication and Economics Management, Stif immersed himself completely in his musical passion. The launch of electronic tracks like I Am Here and Firefly featuring Flo Sax showcased his sonic versatility spanning genres from Deep to Techno, House to Funk, and beyond.

Stif’s global footprint in the music industry spans continents, from residencies at esteemed venues to captivating audiences in diverse locales such as Morocco, Japan, China, Greece, Sweden, and the Maldives. Recent milestones include headlining as the DJ at the Dior pop-up store in Bali and an illustrious two-month residency at Hotel One & Only Le Saint Géran in Mauritius.

Drawing inspiration from icons such as David Guetta, Fred Rister, Robin Schulz, and Bakermat, Charles Stif remains dedicated to shaping and advancing his musical story. With the spotlight on You Never Find Me, Stif solidifies his status as a genuine musical trailblazer, leaving global audiences eagerly awaiting the unfolding of the next chapter in his sonic adventure.