The unstoppable Dub Pistols return, in their biggest year yet, with their fifth album ‘Worshipping The Dollar’.

Barry Ashworth and his motley crew’s ‘Worshipping The Dollar’ sees a return to lyrical themes explored on earlier albums with deeper and more conscious lyrics and a pacier feel to the tracks, which mirrors their increasingly frenetic live shows.

“There are a lot more statement songs – a lot of food for thought on this one,” says main man Barry Ashworth. “It’s more uptempo, there’s some DNB, but the lyrics are deeper and darker. It’s more like our old stuff in a way.”

The title of the album is taken from a track voiced by Akala, Ms Dynamite’s brother. “Living in squalor, worshipping the dollar, there is no flag large enough to wrap around the horror” — so runs a key lyric on the anti-war song ‘West End Stories’, a scathing indictment of US imperialism.

Other highlights include the return of UK hip-hop hero Rodney P, who has become part of the Dub Pistols extended family over the years, on a couple of the album’s DNB tracks: the firin’ ‘Gunshot’ and the hilarious standout ‘Mucky Weekend’.

Other guest vocalists include Lindy Layton, formerly of Norman Cook’s chart-topping Beats International project (guesting on ‘Rocksteady’ with Rodney P); reggae legends Red Star Lion (Barbados) and Dan Bowskill (London); plus regular Dubs MCs TK and Darrison.

During the album sessions, Dub Pistols also recorded the title music for the new Rob Lowe movie ‘Knife’s Edge’, written by Bill Clinton’s former spin doctor Chris Lehane.

Their infectious blend of ska, dub, hip-hop, electronic music and punk has won them many fans around the globe over the past 15 years. Scores of live shows are booked in the diary this year including an album launch at The Electric, in Brixton on 11th May.

Dub Pistols feat. Rodney P from the upcoming album Worshipping The Dollar, released 02/07/2012 on Sunday Best Recordings.
Photo by Kai Taylor