Drucker delivers intimate indie-folk journey with new single ‘The News’

'The News' emerges as a tender tribute to the pursuit of fame, cloaked within the guise of a love song.
21 June 2024

FM Premiere

Montreal-based indie-folk artist Drucker is set to enchant listeners once again with his new single, The News. What emerges from Drucker’s latest undertaking is a heartfelt, experiential mapscape of love and self-inquiry, written in sounds that echo the bittersweet triumphs and searing setbacks that make us human.

The News emerges as a tender tribute to the pursuit of fame, cloaked within the guise of a love song. As Drucker recounts the human experience, he strips away pretenses to expose the raw emotional currents that flow beneath. It’s a gripping, unflinching portrait of our irrepressible hunger for recognition.

Anchored by a stripped-back soundscape, the track features a haunting guitar riff that sets the tone, while Drucker’s soul-stirring melodies soar effortlessly above. Harmonies rise and fall like the tides, immersing you in the emotional storm that drives the song’s beating heart. Through intimate lyrics, Drucker explores the uncertainties and vulnerabilities inherent in relationships, inviting listeners on a profoundly emotive journey to confront what could ‘break you like the news’.

Originally from Montreal, Drucker gained attention with singles like Defunct Baseball Team, Trigger Warning, and Nirvana, blending indie-folk with his distinctive style. His artistry has struck a chord, amassing 150,000 Spotify streams and 280,000 music video views, solidifying his presence in the music scene. His songs awaken with beats and melodies that deliver doses of poetic truth and humble soul, capturing the complexity and charm of city life. Influenced by Sam Fender and Jeff Buckley, Drucker shines with his unique voice above all.

Supported by placements on prominent Spotify playlists like ‘Folk and Friends’ and maintaining a top spot on Cafe Montréalais with Defunct Baseball Team, Drucker’s momentum continues to build. Collaborating with producers Kevin Howley and Benjamin Thomas, known for their work with artists like Running Red Lights and LØLØ, Drucker refines his sound with meticulous attention to detail and artistic vision.

The News is on the verge of hitting the spotlight, and Drucker is whipping up a frenzy by announcing its premiere at the NXNE Festival, plus a pair of shows in Boston and Nashville that promise to get crowds talking. Step into Drucker’s sonic landscape, where moody soundscapes and heart-on-sleeve storytelling converge. The impact is undeniable – his innovative indie-folk sound, born from introspection and creative instinct, forms a deep connection with anyone willing to listen.

The News is an invitation to step into Drucker’s distinctive soundscapes, where narratives unfold with unflinching honesty and melodies surrender to the imagination.