DRIFTING Into Old Memories With LARA

By Charlotte Christie 

What do Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and the Australian singer Lara all have in common? Well, lots of things, I’m sure. However, they all have that incredible ability to transport you to a different time in your life through their music. Taylor’s Exile, Olivia’s Driver’s License, and now Lara’s Drifting are stripped back songs that cleverly hit that sweet spot between pain and peace; otherwise known as the end of a relationship. Moreover, they should all feature on your spring playlist. Especially Drifting

Drifting combines the melodies of 00s pop with ‘10s electronica, along with a dash of trip-hop. Lara’s crisp vocals are intimate and tender as they rise above the sound of crashing waves, which give the track a special cinematic quality. They also demonstrate the precise crafting of her music as the water effects act as an effective story-telling device. This is because there is a sense that somewhere further upstream the relationship drifted apart before arriving at the expansive sea. Therefore, Drifting’s story-telling and attention to detail, combined with a wonderful voice make it a particularly sophisticated new release. 

We’ve been relatively normal in Australia and I loved listening to the drafts of this song while laying on the beach or on my drive to go surfing. 

Who or what inspires you the most? 

The people in my life, nature, and social dilemmas. I try to balance writing about different issues and find that my songs often take a different stylistic direction depending on what I write about. 

Can you tell us more about Drifting? How is it personal to you? Is there a particular story that inspired it? 

Drifting was written during the first lockdown- id just moved countries and returned home but couldn’t leave the house. It felt like I was separating from all the friends I’d left behind in the US, as well as drifting from my education, life before covid, and all the other normalities we took for granted. 

What do you hope people will take away from the track? 

I hope it can just be a few moments of ambient washes of sound to distract from those still in lockdown or a reminder that you can still go to the beach or take a long drive. We’ve been relatively normal in Australia and I loved listening to the drafts of this song while laying on the beach or on my drive to go surfing. 

What band/artist would you like to cover Drifting and why? 

I would love for Little Dragon or Sampha to cover it I feel like they could do a super cool electronic remix. It would also great to see a version with really dense guitars and a more driving indie rock feel – for that I’d say Holy Holy or Grizzly Bear would be awesome.

What does 2021 hold for you musically? 

I’ll be releasing an album in the next month or so! After that, I just want to keep working on new releases and see which directions my music can go in. I’d love to do some more electronic / dance disco sorta tracks but I ultimately still love 2000’s female pop vibes.