Drew A. Will introduces serene folk tune ‘Rainbows Coalesce’

"It's a reminder that peace and solidarity are always freely waiting for all humans when ready"
2 May 2024

Drew A. Will, a gifted multi-instrumentalist from West Chester, PA, has elegantly introduced his newest single, Rainbows Coalesce, a captivating piece that shines brightly within his latest EP, 12/12.

Rainbows Coalesce is a testament to Drew’s prowess as a composer, capturing the essence of natural beauty through a myriad of acoustic textures delicately woven throughout the track. With an overwhelming sense of composition, Drew paints a vivid picture of hope, resilience, and solidarity, making it an ideal anthem for fans of folk music.

Produced by the talented Diogo Sarabando, who also lent his skills as the track’s bassist and backing vocalist alongside Alex Valentine, Rainbows Coalesce boasts a harmonious balance of instrumentation that envelops listeners in a captivating embrace. Despite the multitude of instruments at play, each element dynamically pans across the mix, granting a spotlight to every sound, ensuring a fully immersive listening experience.

The single features the enchanting violin of Mariana Moita and the ethereal flute of Sam Silva, adding layers of depth and emotion to Drew’s already evocative composition. When asked to reflect on the track, Drew himself remarked, “Rainbows Coalesce is a reminder that peace and solidarity are always freely waiting for all humans when ready.” Indeed, the track exudes a tranquil serenity, with soft piano melodies and reverb-coated vocals further emphasizing Drew’s message of unity.

Rainbows Coalesce unequivocally cements Drew’s status as one of the most influential voices in the folk music scene. With its intricate instrumentation and masterfully crafted melodies, this single stands out as a highlight within the ’12/12′ EP, showcasing Drew’s undeniable talent and visionary approach to his craft.

In summary, Rainbows Coalesce serves as a profound exploration of emotions and landscapes skillfully woven together by Drew’s musical prowess. As listeners immerse themselves in this sonic journey, they are bound to discover solace, inspiration, and a revitalized sense of connection, cementing its place as a timeless contribution to the contemporary folk repertoire.