Dressing To Impress On Video Calls: A Practical Guide For Musicians

Musicians have faced a tough few months, with many gigs and festivals cancelled and a lot of work moving online as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

As such, we’ve had to embrace the dreaded video conference call and start pitching for future gigs and collaborations virtually. 

Even as venues slowly start to make plans to reopen, everyone has to remain cautious, and a big part of that involves continuing to work from home where possible.

However, for musicians who are used to wearing slouchy clothes at home and fashionable gear when at gigs and on the road, looking your best on a video call can be tough.

For any musicians who want to dress to impress and land future work, here’s our guide to looking good on a video call without sacrificing your personal sense of style. 

Focus On The Top Half Of Your Body

It might sound obvious, but on a video call, no one’s looking at your feet, so expensive kicks aren’t going to matter. Equally, they probably won’t see your trousers, so focus on making the top half of your body look good. Choose stylish tops and bold accessories, so that you stand out from the crowd and look your best. 

Make Sure Your Gear Is Top-Notch

No one wants to hire a bedroom DJ who uses beat-up old headphones and a tired laptop, so even if you haven’t got a massive budget, you need to make sure that you look like you know what you’re talking about and have decent gear onscreen. For example, if you’re using headphones for the video call, make sure that they’re top-quality. Audio Concierge offers stylish, professional-grade headphones, earphones and audio players, so no matter what you prefer to use, you can find it. 

Try Bold Logos And Prints

When you’re part of a large video conference call, your fellow participants won’t be able to see much of you, so make a bold impression. You want to be memorable, and that means finding the clothes that set you apart from the rest. Check out some popular brands and find the bold, unique gear that suits your style and makes you stand out from the crowd. You could also choose bright colours and bold prints, to make an intense impression, but make sure that you don’t go too far, as you might appear unprofessional. 

Make Sure That Your Grooming Is On Point

When you’re pitching for new work, you can dress stylishly and wear streetwear to appear fashionable and adhere to your personal brand, but one thing that doesn’t change with trends is cleanliness. Good personal hygiene is an essential no matter who you’re meeting and what you’re doing. Even if they can’t see you up close and smell you, doesn’t mean that anyone you video call won’t notice if you have out of control eyebrows, toothpaste on your face or a few days’ worth of beard growth on your chin. Make sure that you take care of your grooming so that you can come across as stylish and professional. 

Use A Hat To Hide A Bad Hair Day

If your hair just won’t sit in your prefered style, or you’ve been putting off washing it for a few days, then use a hat to quickly disguise it. Try a stylish hat, like a beanie, basketball cap or snapback, which won’t look out of place indoors and will completely cover your head. You could even find a hat with a logo on it to show off your style credentials and complete your ensemble. 

Combining being yourself and looking stylish can be a challenge, so use these tips to strike the perfect balance and land yourself the gigs, collaborations, and record deals of your dreams.