Dressing to Impress at Your Next Music Concert

When it comes to dressing for music concerts and festivals, there’s far more to it than wearing a poncho and chunky boots. If you’re someone who wishes to dress to impress at the event, then you’ve come to the right place. At an outdoor music event, it’s likely you’ll encounter hot sunshine, muddy puddles and rainstorms throughout the course of a weekend, but still have the goal of remaining stylish as well as practical. If you’re unsure about how to pack for your next music concert to ensure style is at the top of the agenda, here are some top tips on how you can dress to impress:

Layer up well

Layers will be your best friend for attending outdoor music concerts. Dependent on the season, you’ll either be better choosing lightweight knits or heavyweight knits to layer over your outfits. Lightweight knitwear is ideal during the summer when the temperature starts to dip in the evening, which you can then tie around your waist later on if it gets warm. You could also add a chic scarf to your outfit to beat off the chills. There are many ways you can layer your looks – it’s all about experimenting when it comes to creating fashionable outfits.

Pack a waterproof

As you may well know, standing in the rain at a music concert isn’t the most pleasurable of experiences, which is why you need to pack as many waterproof items of clothing as you can to shield off the wetness. While you may be shuddering at the very idea of wearing a rain mac, you could choose a duffle coat as an alternative to keep you warm and dry during downpours. They’re typically made from a dry wax coater fabric that resists the damp, while still feeling comfortable and lightweight. You can take a browse through a variety of designs of the mens duffle coat here.

Choose stylish yet practical footwear

As you’ll be on your feet all day, you’ll need to choose footwear that’s fashionable as well as comfortable. Most large-scale festivals will often involve walking from one stage to another in sludgy fields, so flip flops or sandals probably wouldn’t be the best idea. Choose a practical and sturdy option such as lace-up trainers or wellies that will protect your feet against the elements while still allowing you to look bang on trend.

Get a bum bag

Taking a rucksack to a festival wouldn’t be advised when it comes to storing your essentials; especially when it comes to valuables such as your wallet or cell phone. As music concerts are crowded and people are very close behind you throughout the day, you’ll probably be nervous about getting pick-pocketed, which is unfortunately a very common occurrence. Throwing it back to the 90s; the use of a bum bag is still the most practical and stylish option to keep your belongings safe. It can either be fastened around the waist or worn cross-body, so it’s always in sight and you can feel more at ease to enjoy the event.

We hope the tips above have given you some helpful hints to think about on how you can keep up to date with fashion, while still dressing sensibly at your next big music event.