D-REAM2D:REAM are back in the studio after ten years where Peter Cunnah and Al Mackenzie didn’t speak to each other.

90s synthpop act D:REAM return to the music scene after over ten years with a new single, album and a new sound.

D:REAM release All Things to All Men, the first single from their forthcoming album which sees Peter Cunnah and Al Mackenzie joined by a full band line up including guitars.

In addition, the band will be touring extensively to promote the album; with dates booked in the UK and worldwide. Highlights include EH1 festival and Desert Island Disco in Ibiza.

The reformation of the band came about via a chance reunion between Peter and Al in a park.

Peter says , I’ve spent years in a creative wilderness trying to make sense of what I’d been through. I was facing frustration for the rest of my days then Alan walks into my life in the park at the back of my house about two years ago.

I wasn’t sure whether to approach him or not. The last time we were in the same room he took a lot of money from me & walked away from it all he was more likely to punch me!

All Things to All Men includes mixes from Paul Gotel, Jay Kay, T Jinc plus the band themselves.