Oslo five-piece Dråpe (pronounced ‘Draw-peh’) – Eirik Kirkemyr (drums), Lars K. Boquist (bass), Even Hafnor (guitar), Eirik Fidjeland (synth & harps) & Ketil Myhre (vocals & guitar) – unveil this rather intriguing and bizarre 60s inspired video for ‘Round & Around’, a brand new slice of their blissful psych-rock.

The video was directed by the band’s guitarist (and award-winning filmmaker) Even Hafnor, using his grandfather’s original camera. Hafnor explains: “The video is an homage to music video’s from the 60s…The idea behind the video was to try to recreate the style, and, well.. the weirdness of music videos from the 60´s.

I love the naivety of these videos, the lined up choreography, the naive (but charming) use of camera and the stiff performance by the band. I like how controlled the artists are in videos from that time, today many artists try so hard, which I find a bit tiresome. To get the look we wanted we used my grandfather’s film camera from the sixties and we tried to use only picture compositions that we had seen in music video’s from the sixties. I felt that this atmosphere suited the vibe and lyrics of our song.”

Their new album ‘Relax/Relapse’ is out now on Riot Factory.