Dr ORANGE Shares Powerful Indie Anthem TAKE

By Vasco Dega

Merseyside songwriter Dr Orange (Real name Chas Moody) – is on an inspired and prolific journey of releasing unapologetic, raw Indie anthems.

First making a name for himself with two powerful debut singles in the form of Comes in Threes and These Things (Baby I know) – The Liverpool-based performer returns with the emphatic, indie-rock anthem Take.

Already supported by the likes of BBC Introducing, Moody has a strong future ahead of him with a string of upcoming singles over the next few months. On the new single Take he manages to conjure a perfect blend of fuzzy guitar elements and lush synthesis.

Speaking on the new single, he states: ‘This single very much feels like the natural conclusion to the previous two releases. It started life as the 7 minute love child of Jim Morrison and a 70s horror soundtrack but somehow managed to find its feet as a short electronic-fuzz hitter. It’s soul and it’s rock and roll, jumping out of nowhere and going somewhere else, to me it’s pure sex.’