Hotly tipped girl band the Dolly Rockers have kicked up a storm since they were first championed by Scott Mills at Radio 1 a couple of weeks ago when he played their signature tune, ‘Je Suis Une Dolly’ on his Drivetime show. Last week, whilst sitting in for Chris Moyles’ Breakfast Show, Scott declared them “the world’s greatest girl band” and played the song again, urging his listeners to get in touch and tell him what they thought of it.

Scott’s support, combined with the listeners’ feedback, means that over the weekend the girls decided to rush-release ‘Je Suis Une Dolly’. And so following Scott Mills’ exclusive on-air announcement this morning on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show, Parlophone Records are proud to announce that the Dolly Rockers’ first single is available NOW. Fans just need to log on to their brand new website where they can download ‘Je Suis Une Dolly’ for FREE!! The track will be available for five days, until midnight on Friday.

Since Dolly Rockers first sprang to the media’s attention just a few weeks ago, the reaction has been incredible. Jude Rogers in The Guardian devoted an entire column to them declaring, “I love the Dollys – they are what pop really needs… [they] bring to the table what the best girl groups always have; oodles and buckets of shambolic fun… Their off-key vocals remind us of the effervescent magic of Bananarama and their unpolished, cartoonish qualities have the punch of ‘90s duo Shampoo… In 2009 they are a good girl group for our times.” The Daily Star profiled them on Friday announcing, “Not since the Spice Girls have we witnessed feisty girls armed with great pop songs and gobs to match… These witty girls will be a whirlwind of fun pop leaving behind a scattering of fake eyelashes and a devastation of broken hearts.”

Music Week last week reviewed ‘Je Suis Une Dolly’ saying “All-girl three-piece the Dolly Rockers are doing their darndest to bring something fresh to the girl band market and –shock, horror – appear to be succeeding… ‘Je Suis Une Dolly’ is a cheeky, upbeat pop song that doesn’t take itself too seriously,” while Record of the Day claimed Dolly Rockers are “set to take on Girls Aloud for the crown of best female pop act”. And The Sun’s Bizarre column picked up on the witty lyrics to another track, ‘Champagne Shirley’: “I reckon that’s from Chapter One, ‘How To Get Noticed When Starting Out’ in the manual for girl bands,” said Gordon Smart.

The whirlwind that is the Dolly Rockers was in full force last week as they caused chaos on a train en route to Devon for a gloriously entertaining publicity shoot in a miniature village, lit up the streets of Soho when they arrived in style to perform a set at Trannyshack in Madame Jojo’s, did a glamorous photoshoot for a national newspaper, appeared at Students Union Summer Ball, invited a teen magazine into their house and left a number of journalists gob-smacked with their frank, hilarious and at times unprintable interview technique.

Dolly Rockers will follow the release of ‘Je Suis Une Dolly’ with their first fully commercially-released single on July 27th, details to be announced soon. In the meantime, check out