Double Your Game Studio Capacity Investment And Accelerate Product Development

By Vanessa B

Modern technologies and developments never cease to amaze every day.  Today, gaming business projects are developing rapidly and require reliable support from investors.  Top investment companies like are always on the lookout for the opportunity to participate in investments in projects related to the development of gaming platforms.

Where and what to start investing in to accelerate product development

Before investing or even launching their own game development studio, it is very important to assess how much the investor is ready to dive into this topic and what they expect from the launch.  The gaming business is similar to others (with business risks and the likelihood of failure), so it is important to follow some rules so that the end result is exactly what the investor wants to achieve:

1. The first step is to immediately determine where the investor wants to be in 5 years and how he sees his studio.  The answers to these questions will determine the direction of further work.

2. Each effort must always be redoubled and it is not enough just to “try a little”.

3. It is important to remember that the main task is not just to give money and wait, but rather the creation of a commercial business with the prospect of high income.

4. From the very beginning, the investor needs to treat what is happening as a business, not as a game.  Immediately you need to seriously work, conclude all the necessary contracts on paper, and pay for the work done to those who complete it.

5. One of the main objects, thanks to which investors benefit, is the audience, so this is definitely a factor to consider.  Study platforms, device types, interests, and needs of those players for whom the product is being developed.  As a result, there should be complete confidence that the game content is properly adapted to the needs of the audience and this will guarantee a positive result in the form of regular and long-term profit for the investor.

The importance of investment in the development of a game studio

Each project at the beginning of the journey requires rather big financial support.  The size of the initial capital depends on the area where the project is being created.  For example, one of the most expensive projects is related to the development of software and various gaming platforms.

The reason for the need for a large investment is that to create one game project, the team needs several developers at different levels of project execution.  So, a special technique is needed, which is capable of creating rather complex games, for which a simple computer, of course, is not enough.

At a certain point in the creation of a project, it may happen that there are not enough people or technologies available to achieve the desired result, and it is at such moments that Double investment is an excellent assistant.

In most cases, additional funds are used to purchase more powerful equipment or to attract new specialists in order to speed up and improve the quality of the final product.

How much money do you need to invest in the game studio?

It’s not necessary to have millions in the account to invest in gaming products.  Many beginners and even experienced developers are often looking for investors on various investment platforms, hoping to start implementing the project as early as possible and release it to the masses.  Moreover, the investment amount can start from $10, opening this area to everyone who is not indifferent to such entertainment or just wants to make money.


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