Double Deüce returns: Anti-folk icons release first album in 19 years with ‘Warm Ham In A Foreign Home’

Each track feels like a reassuring hug from camp counselors, reminding listeners that everything will be okay.
31 May 2024
Photo by Joanna Kelley

After nearly two decades of silence, the iconic US anti-folk duo Double Deüce has released their first full-length album, Warm Ham In A Foreign Home, via the German label BB*Island. This album signifies a triumphant comeback for the brother-sister duo who were key figures in NYC’s early 2000s anti-folk scene.

During the early 2000s, amidst the political turbulence of Bush’s America, New York City’s anti-folk scene became a refuge for those disillusioned by mainstream culture. It was here that Double Deüce, comprising Toby Goodshank and Angela Carlucci, carved out their unique niche. Goodshank, known for his work with The Moldy Peaches, brought an earnest rock star passion to his acoustic guitar rhythms and eclectic lyrics, while Carlucci, of Little Cobweb, The Baby Skins, and Herman Dune fame, infused their music with her ethereal soprano, creating an almost hymnlike quality.

Their songs, often a blend of the absurd and the meaningful, struck a chord with listeners searching for solace and authenticity in a turbulent world. This distinctive mix of humor, tenderness, and raw emotion transformed their performances into anthems for a generation of “disaffected misfits.”

Warm Ham In A Foreign Home continues this legacy, offering a collection of joyful and endearing songs that echo the playful chants of schoolyard games from an alternate dimension. The album serves as a soothing balm for an era defined by constant crisis and instability.

The opening track, Pig Walnut, sets the tone with its rollicking dance instructions, evoking the carefree spirit of recess after a tough morning. The duo doesn’t shy away from political commentary, with tracks like Song for Voting and Mr. Holland’s Wine addressing contemporary issues with their trademark wit and candor.

Song for Voting cleverly critiques political figures with lyrics like “Gigolo in disguise, got his fingie in the pies / Well he’s not like other guys / His time he’s Biden,” while Mr. Holland’s Wine offers a haunting indictment of capitalism: “You double down hurting ham for fun / We know you got a lot of money (share the wealth, share the wealth).”

The cover collage was created by Toby Goodshank and Angela Carlucci, with liner notes penned by Dan Fishback.

Despite these moments of pointed critique, the bulk of the album is dedicated to providing an encouraging respite from modern life’s terrors. Each track feels like a reassuring hug from camp counselors, reminding listeners that everything will be okay.

The album features contributions from several notable artists, including Matt Colbourn on trumpet, Alex Fedorov on vocals and beats, Leslie Graves and Kimberly Haven on vocals, Major Matt Mason on guitar and percussion, Kyle Morgan on guitar and vocals, and Frankie Sunswept, who also engineered the album at Sunswept Sounds in New York. Major Matt Mason handled the mixing at OJHQ, Kansas, while Casey Holford mastered the album at Golden Rule Studio, New York.

With Warm Ham In A Foreign Home, Double Deüce has crafted a nostalgic yet refreshingly relevant album that reaffirms their place in the anti-folk pantheon. Their return is not just timely but necessary, offering a soundtrack of hope and humor in an era that needs it most.