Dotts O’Connor’s ‘Coney’ EP provides captivating stories and stunning melodies

It tackles many topics such as love, humour, sadness and optimism
18 April 2023

Dotts O’Connor‘s superb EP Coney tackles many topics such as love, humour, sadness and optimism. A strong indie-folk offering really connects with the audience.

The artist from Cavan, Ireland’s emotions and concepts played a big part in making the EP’s soundscape so powerful.

The title of Dott’s EP is a homage to the wonderful memories he had in Coney Island, Sligo on a lovely summer day. These moments stayed with him and inspired him to compose the EP.

After spending time in various bands, including Come On Live Long, Coney was created during a period of solitary reflection. With no one to jam with anymore, Dotts found solace in the pub sessions he’d attend.

During this period, he started crafting the songs that later on turned out to be on the Coney EP. A mix of captivating stories and stunning melodies.

EP’s songs, like Soon We Rise, tell the story of a couple dealing with their complicated bond. It’s like a snap shot of one of their evenings together.

October Night explores the concept of regret – it tells the story of two characters who have the chance to come to life for one night. It makes you reflect on what you would do if you were given that opportunity.

Dotts O’Connor and his friend Ken McCabe laid down tracks for Coney at Dublin’s Wolfhound Sound Studios. For two months, while going to Dublin studios every Sunday, he came up with ideas about the sound of each song in his EP.

This led to a more engaging way of recording compared to before. When Dotts was still looking for the perfect track, this time he was focusing more on the feeling of the music as a whole. The result has been a more relaxed and unrestricted recording and production process.

For Coney, Dotts used acoustic instruments but in the past, he also incorporated samples and synths into his music.

Dotts‘ EP is pretty impressive – not only did he write and produce all the tracks himself, but to top it off, he also played every instrument! It includes drums, bass guitar and other percussion instruments.