Doctor Who star David Tennant Crowned Sci-Fi Best Actor

Who is better? Doctor Who or Captain Kirk? It’s a question that has dogged sci-fi fans since the 1960s, but now 21st Century fans have provide the answer: Who is better!

Yes, Doctor Who star David Tennant has beaten Captain Kirk actor, Chris Pine to be crowned Best Actor in the first ever Total Sci-Fi Awards!

As voted for by the 100,000 readers of popular website, the award shows how David Tennant has reinvigorated the long-running TV show that was once seen as a joke by many viewers.
Chris Pine, meanwhile, seems to be struggling to fill the knee-high boots of his predecessor as Captain Kirk, legendary actor and singer William Shatner, with the new boy languishing in second place.
But it’s not all good news for Doctor Who, as Tennant has just left the show, passing his sonic screwdriver onto unknown actor, Matt Smith for the show’s 31st series in 2010.

Other categories in the Total Sci-Fi Awards included Best TV Show, Best Novel, Best Fantasy Movie and Best Horror Movie.

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