BBC Two’s The Restaurant is set to return for a second series later this year.
In the show, world-renowned chef and restaurateur Raymond Blanc offers one couple the opportunity of a lifetime – to go into business with him, opening their own restaurant.

The production team are now looking for potential applicants.
Application forms will be available from Tuesday 29 January via

Raymond Blanc comments: “I started with nothing, but hard work and passion have got me my dream so it is a privilege for me to be able to give this chance to others.

“What I’m looking for are nine couples who have the potential to really put themselves into this and become the best. I am not looking for lots of prior experience in the industry, what I want is people who share my love for the world of restaurants and who will commit themselves wholeheartedly to the challenge of creating good food and excellent service.”

In the series each of the couples are handed the keys to their own restaurant, which they must turn into their dream place and open to the paying public.

Over eight weeks, they are also put through a series of tough challenges designed to test specific culinary, business and front-of-house skills.

Raymond explains: “This time I’m going to be looking for even more determination, strength and heart. The business side will be as important as ever but I want to see even more passion in the kitchen and desire to give that excellent service.

“I’m looking forward to setting some tough culinary challenges so I can see what they are made of.”

The couples must prove to Raymond that they have what it takes to run a successful restaurant but, following each challenge, he and his panel of experts will decide which pair must close their restaurant doors for good and leave their dreams behind.

In the final episode, the two remaining couples battle it out for the coveted prize – a restaurant backed by Raymond Blanc.

Please note, only over-18s may apply to take part in the series.