Do It Creative wins best VFX Studio at 2024 Dadasaheb Phalke Film Fest

“This is a huge honour and wouldn’t have been possible without the innovative and collaborative skills of our extensive in-house team"
10 June 2024

After a decade of pushing the boundaries in visual effects, London’s Do It Creative studio achieved a major milestone at the 2024 Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, clinching the esteemed title of Best Visual Effects Studio of the Year. As innovators, Do It Creative shakes things up with their visually stunning approach, forever changing the face of innovation.

India’s leading independent film festival, Dadasaheb Phalke, bursts with energy, devoted to honoring Indian cinema’s rich heritage and spotting the next big thing, all while captivating global audiences. Amidst accolades bestowed upon industry giants like Oppenheimer, The Night Manager, and Scoop, Do It Creative stands tall, showcasing the remarkable impact they’ve made in recent years.

Sam Bhattacharjee, brimming with gratitude, attributed the studio’s phenomenal success to his highly skilled in-house team: “This is a huge honour – said Bhattacharjee – and wouldn’t have been possible without the innovative and collaborative skills of our extensive in-house team, who work tirelessly to push cutting edge post-production technology into the realm of exciting new possibilities.”

Visionaries thriving in perfect harmony, this team is on a mission to take their studio to uncharted territories, catapulted by their unrelenting passion and collective drive. What drives our team is a shared passion for unleashing the full potential of post-production technology, and now, we’ve got the validation to prove it – this honor is a testament to our team’s daily grind. From Beijing to Brooklyn, Do It Creative’s vibrant portfolio radiates global flair, crafted in collaboration with visionaries from the UK, India, the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

As seasoned pros in visual effects, they’ve conjured up mesmerizing experiences that thrill moviegoers globally, with impressive feats like Animal, Sergeant, and An Action Hero showcased in their portfolio. In their latest venture, IraH, the pioneering Hindi AI movie, they’ve crafted a heart-stopping action sci-fi thriller that plunges into the unknown territories of machine learning. Prepare for a trip that’s equal parts heart-pumping excitement and mental challenge. Garnering acclaim on the film festival circuit, IraH exemplifies Do It Creative’s commitment to pushing the envelope in visual storytelling.

Behind the curtain, Do It Creative’s R&D wizards cook up fresh ideas, whipping up next-gen tech from mind-bending CGI algorithms to avant-garde AI-driven magic. Pioneers in their field, they bridge the gap between art and tech, rolling out thrilling VFX productions that freeze-framed moments in time.

At Do It Creative, visionaries rewrite visual effects rules, amplifying film emotions and pioneering visual storytelling, rejecting mediocrity for a future crafted frame by frame.