Do Away With A Wedding Planner By Following These 6 Tips

You and your partner might be ready to take the plunge. Buying the rings from an Engagement rings UK jewellery shops is the first of many steps to plan your perfect wedding. Most people opt to hire wedding planners to get their wedding planning done without having to stress out about the minor details. Wedding planners can end up charging ridiculous amounts for their service. Instead of hiring a wedding planner you can plan your wedding yourself.

Ditch the Notepad and Download a Reminder App

No matter how small-scale you want your wedding to be, you need to start planning well in advance. You need to make many calls and meet many appointments. To ensure that your appointments do not clash you need to set reminders. Rely on simple-to-use reminder apps instead of writing your appointments on notepads. Pick an app that not only allows you to tick off items but also sets reminders to keep you on track. Google Keep is a good tool to start with.

Use All Kinds of Planning Tools

There are many wedding planning tools designed to help the couple plan their wedding. With the help of these tools, you can get the reminders that you need. You can keep count of costs. Plan the seating at the reception. Some apps can even help you design your vision board to help you stick to your dream wedding ideas. Multiple apps offer different convenient wedding planning solutions. Check out the features and reviews before you start using them.


If you are not taking the help of a wedding planner, then you need the help of your family and friends. Say yes to all the help that you can get. Apart from clothes fitting you do not need to be present for anything else. Depending on how close you are to people you can ask them to help you take care of chores and appointments. Delegate tasks to the groom to ensure that more people are hands-on with the wedding planning.

Check Multiple Vendors

Wedding planners tend to have their fixed vendors who charge premium prices for their services. You need to book caterers, cake, decorators and a wedding band or DJ. When you book without a wedding planner, you need to check out multiple options. Negotiation is important if you are trying to get the best deal.

Stay Healthy

Planning your wedding can be a stressful task. What you need to do is stay mentally and physically healthy during the planning stage. Go on more date nights with your partner, eat healthily and get some exercise. The healthy lifestyle will ensure that you do not fall sick and delay the wedding planning process.

Plan for Yourself

What you need to remember when planning your wedding is that your wedding should be only about you and your partner. Keep your happiness at the centre of the whole ceremony. There is no point in throwing a big wedding if you and your partner are not happy at the end of the day. Do away with rituals and traditions that you both are not fine with. Do not impose any tradition on your partner just because other people have said so.

Stay sane while planning your wedding without a wedding planner by delegating your task and getting all the help that you can. If you want to save time and effort try buying things online as much as you can. You can even go to online engagement rings UK stores to order the rings, especially if you are looking for affordable rings.