DJ Fresh returns with his new single ‘The Feeling’ featuring the vocal talents of RaVaughn. The video focus on the burgeoning Japanese custom scooter subculture called ‘space invaders’.
The track is released on 23 September on Ministry of Sound. The album ‘Nextlevelism’ follows on 1 October.Shot on location in Tokyo by director, Ivan Ogilvie, the video follows local bikers around the city revealing a dizzying array of custom scooters, from futuristic stretch versions to brightly coloured modified machines that resemble British Mod bikes re-imagined by Phillip K. Dick.Japanese youth do conspicuous consumption better than anyone else, and their desire for individualistic expression has seen the craze quickly spread out from Tokyo to the rest of Japan, creating both a lifestyle based around ‘meets’ and competitions, and businesses who provide the highly skilled modification work.
Director Ivan Oglivie, said: “I really wanted to go out to Tokyo and explore this subculture as it was something I’d heard about through a friend, Dan, at Bathing Ape, and it’s yet to be documented much outside of Japan. ‘The Feeling’ is about being out there doing what you enjoy with your friends, so I wanted to capture real people on these amazing, futuristic bikes cruising Tokyo’s neon streets. The video follows on from other works I’ve done looking into graffiti and other youth cultures in the UK.

It’s all about style and I think there’s something really genuine and interesting about that. There’s no financial pay off for these guys, in fact it’s very expensive to customise them, but the results are incredible”.