DJ Boat and Kobi Jonz collaborate on new Afrobeats ‘NAIJA-GHANA TAPE VOL. 1’ EP

Houston based Ghanaian DJ and curator DJ BOAT, and fast-rising Nigerian artist and songwriter KOBI JONZ are excited to unveil their brand new collaborative EP titled Naija-Ghana Tape Vol. 1, with its lead singles Call Melanin and Give already amassing over a million plays. 

DJ Boat has made a name for himself as one of the biggest international curators of Afrobeats music, with over 170,000 followers on Spotify and 20 million plays on his YouTube channel. Fellow US-based Afrobeats star Kobi Jonz, began his career in Nigeria, collaborating with rap star Falz The Bahd Guy. Since then, he has gone on to garner over 3 million streams for his recent music releases including his acclaimed debut solo EP Xylem.

Speaking about the inspiration behind their collaborative Naija-Ghana Tape Vol. 1 EP, DJ Boat says, “the EP came about because of our deep desire to connect people of the diaspora to the unique sounds that comes from these two countries in West Africa. Having been born in Ghana and lived overseas, I understand the importance of black people everywhere connecting around our shared culture. The sounds on ‘Naija-Ghana Tape’ will take you back to your roots, allow you to connect to Africa, whether you live on the content or elsewhere in the world”.

Kobi Jonz adds that, “throughout the creation of this wonderful body of work, my core was set at hope and unity for all, especially amongst Africans. The name ‘Naija-Ghana Tape’ sprouts from both of our origins, DJ Boat being from Ghana and myself being from Nigeria. Different countries but we are one under the sun, as we are brothers. We wanted to create something that sends a message of unity to whoever encounters this great body of work”.