DIY Video: Electricity In Our Homes ‘Appletree’

Check Electricity In Our Homes – ‘Appletree’, part of a new video project created by Experimental Circle Club, documenting a new underground music scene from East London and beyond.

The project is influenced by the documentaries of the New York No Wave scene of the 1970’s. Filmed in a disused office block, the project is kept to a strict DIY ethos.

ELECTRICITY IN OUR HOMES ‘Appletree’ from DER ECC on Vimeo.

ECC Archives is a new project by DJ Thomas Silverman and graphic designer Ciaran O’Shea, promoters of London via Southend-on-Sea underground happening Experimental Circle Club.

Influenced by the documentaries and compilations that emanated from the New York No Wave scene in the 1970s and 80s, the idea is simple: a white room, a single unbroken camera shot, a live audio recording and a three song set.

An extension of their noirish stage at Offset Festival, each band is carefully chosen to reflect the raw sound and performance of an exciting new underground movement.