Dive Watches Are in Style: How to Wear Them


With so many different styles of watches available in the marketplace, it can be hard to narrow it down to that perfect model for you. Often it comes down to your own personal style and how you plan to wear and use the watch. Dive watches are among the trendiest out there and are meant for those who can’t get enough of water sports – in particular diving. Not only are they great to look at and tend to have a real classic rugged vibe, but they are highly functional and could even be considered a key piece of dive equipment.

So, if you’re new to the trend of dive watches and want to know how to best wear them, plus some tips on buying the perfect dive watch for you, then you’ll want to read on.

Pair Them with Casual Weekend Wear

One of the easiest and most natural ways to style a dive watch is with your casual weekend wear wardrobe. Because dive watches have a really distinct look about them, it’s nice to let them take the spotlight whenever possible. This means pairing them with that casual t-shirt and jeans, or your cargo shorts and a short-sleeved button-down top. The idea is that you are bringing out the easy and natural look of the watch with the style of your clothes.

The Perfect Evening Out Watch

If you’re getting ready for an evening out on the town, don’t think your dive watch can’t work in this regard too. The only difference is that you probably don’t want or need the watch to be the centre of attention, rather it can be worn under a shirt sleeve or jacket sleeve or just at the edge. This will ensure that your outfit gets top billing, and the dive watch takes the backseat.

Ideal for the Office

In most office settings, you’re going to find a dive watch that will fit in well too. Even if you’re in a business-attire office setting, again, you can tuck the watch under your shirt sleeve so it’s not drawing attention. There’s nothing wrong with the watch poking through, obviously; it’s just not quite as dressy as some other styles.

Skip the Watch for Formal Events

Really, the only time this highly versatile watch won’t really work is for formal events. These are black-tie events, weddings, anniversary parties, and so forth, where you are really dressing to impress. For these events, you’re best to go with a more formal design, perhaps more streamlined and understated. After all, dive watches can be a bit on the chunky side.

Shop for a Dive Watch that Has Classic Features

As an added tip, in order to ensure the watch is as flexible and versatile as possible, be sure to shop for one that has classic features. Stick to the basic material, leather, or metal band, and opt for a watch face in a neutral colour such as black, silver/chrome, or gold. This will allow you to pair it with more items in your wardrobe. Also, try to find one that fits your wrist well, meaning it’s not too big or clunky for your wrist.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dive Watch

When it comes to choosing the perfect dive watch, there are some tips you’ll also want to keep in mind. These will help ensure you choose one that meets all your needs and expectations, making for a wise and useful investment.

First off, you want to choose a designer that has a strong reputation for quality. You could go for a classic like the Rolex Submariner, giving you a watch full of features and functionality backed by the reputable Rolex brand. You can even find deals on the Rolex Submariner through CHRONEXT, a well-known online retailer of designer watches.

CHRONEXT not only specialises in authentic high-end designer watches, but its staff are all trained and knowledgeable in the various types of watches so they can guide you through the purchasing process.

Other things to be aware of during the purchase process include what kind of movement you want – quartz or automatic; how visible the face of the watch will be underwater; how deep you can dive with the watch; how easy the watch is to take on and take off (so you can put it on over your wetsuit with ease); the warranty; how durable it is (it should be able to resist breakage and scratches); whether it is corrosion resistant; and how accurate it is.

Wearing Your Dive Watch with Total Confidence

Dive watches are most definitely a growing trend when it comes to men’s watches, and for a good reason. In fact, they have become so popular that even the non-divers out there are now buying into this design and style and picking one up.

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